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Abrasive SpongeBob Is A Playable Character On Super Brawl 3: Good vs Evil

Abrasive SpongeBob Is A Evil Character On The Game,Abrasive SpongeBob Is The First Appearing In The Super Brawl Nickelodeon Franchise.

Abrasive Spongebob in SpongeBob Series.Edit

Abrasive SpongeBob is SpongeBob's abrasive side, and main antagonist of the episode The Abrasive Side, where SpongeBob orders an abrasive side so SpongeBob is 'able to say no' but also says mean things. He is voiced by Tom Kenny. He is mean and rude. He also has a stereotypical New Jersey accent. He has SpongeBob's face, albeit it being green with bushier eyebrows. He was forced off  of SpongeBob's back at the end of the episode by Sandy, and growls like a dog in anger. He is then shipped back to the manufacturer. Grandma SquarePants orders an abrasive side at the very end of the episode.

Abrasive SpongeBob On Super BrawlEdit

The First Appereance Of Abrasive SpongeBob Is On Super Brawl 3:Good vs Evil.

Abrasive SpongeBob Is One Of The 3 Characters That Appear Only Once In Some Nickelodeon Series.

Abrasive SpongeBob Attack With They Abrasive Hands.

Abrasive SpongeBob Special Attack Is: Scratch Slide.

Abrasive SpongeBob Fan Attack Is: JellyFish Swarm.


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