Classic SpongeBob
Classic Spongebob
Screenshot from Jingle Brawl





First appearance:

Jingle Brawl

Latest appearance:

Super Brawl 2 (playable)
Super Brawl World (non-playable)

Classic SpongeBob (SpongeBob SquarePants in older games up to Super Brawl 2, Jingle Brawl SpongeBob in Super Brawl World) is a character in all of the games exept Good vs Evil onwards, but makes a return in Super Brawl World as a "Brawl Call".


"Classic SpongeBob" basically has the same identity as SpongeBob, except he wears a red headband, a white karate gi with long sleeves and pant legs with a black belt wrapped around it, and is barefoot.


Melee attackEdit

  • Normal: Classic SpongeBob punches with his right/left hand depending on which direction he is facing.
  • Three-hit combo: If SpongeBob successfully attacks the opponent with the normal melee attack, he can attack again with his other hand, and on the third hit performs an uppercut similar to the Shoryuken from the Street Fighter games.

Kick/Jump kickEdit

  • SpongeBob kicks the opponent with his right/left foot once again depending on his direction.

Special attackEdit

  • SpongeBob summons an energy orb with his hands, and throws it at the opponent. This attack is similar to the Hadouken from the Street Fighter series.


  • His design and attacks are based of off Ryu from Street Fighter.