Name: MonkeyAlligment: Hero


Monkey is the main protaigonist of the RPG Monkey Quest ( You create your own monkey). He is a cheerful young chimp that loves adventure no matter how dangerous it can be. He loves bananas and shiny objects like gems. Monkey's land has been invaded by some big purple creatures. Monkey tries to save his homeland by defeating what ever causing the choas. First Appeared in Super Brawl 2 as a newcomer.


  • Monkey debuts in Super Brawl 2 before in Monkey Quest which confuse manyt people to who he is.
  • Monkey is a starter charcter along with Spongebob, Kitty Katswell, Plankton, Skipper, Sheen, and Chum Chum.
  • Monkey is one of the smallest characters in the game being the Chum Chum. The smallest is Plankton.
  • Monkey can't talk but his actions shows how he's feeling.
  • His Stage is " The Forgotten Temple"