Rabbids are playable characters in Super Brawl 3: Good Vs. Evil.

They are evil characters in the game. They made their first appearance as the main antagonists of the game Rayman Raving Rabbids and continued to appear in the game's many sequels.They even got their own TV Show on Nickelodeon. Later, during their franchise's progress, most rabbids turned good.

Rabbids InvasionEdit

Rabbids Invasion is a French animated television series that premiered on August 3, 2013 on Nickelodeon. The show is based on the Raving Rabbids game series produced by Ubisoft.

Rabbids Invasion tones down the violence for the characters' jump from gaming to the TV, but they still have a lot of fun at the expense of each other and of unsuspecting bystanders, and a lot of their antics would be frowned upon in the real world (using chickens' butts as egg shooters in a mock battle, for instance). Ultimately, though, it's rude, crude, and minimally taxing on viewers' sense of comprehension, so for better or worse, it's bound to appeal to the grade-school set

Rabbids in Super BrawlEdit

The First Appearance Of Rabbids Is On Super Brawl 3:Good vs Evil.

The Playable Character Are A Three Rabbids Making Staircase With Shoulders.

The Rabbids: They Attack With A Toilet Plunger, Tennis Racket and some other thing.

The Rabbids Special Attack Is: Three Times The Down Arrow And The X Button.

The Rabbids Fan Attack Is: Rain Of Rabbids.

Sb3 promo 696x522 rabbids

                                                                                   Rabbids On The New Front Of Super Brawl 3.