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This game come out for the super brawl 3.

Positives & NegativesEdit

The game features realistic looking characters as opposed to cartoon character designs, which is the comical gimmick of the game. While the game supposedly features the same Good vs Evil plot of Super Brawl 3, Abrasive Spongebob is the only evil character in the game. The game also features much simpler controls, as well as more comical special moves. It is implied that the whole game was just a joke made by the creators to help promote Super Brawl 3, since much less effort was put into this game by comparison. Many fans found this game ridiculously stupid and pointless, and wish all the majority of, if not all past Brawl characters from every game return in the next installment.



SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit


Burger Blast

Abrasive S.B. 

Grumble Rumble


Patrick man


Spike shell

Sanjay & CraigEdit

Craig Edit

Hot peppers wings attack

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesEdit


Bo stuff slam


Pizza slam


Pizza tose


100 stabs of pain 

Kung fu panda: Legends Of AwesomenessEdit


Belly drop

They also added that you can do your special attack with c instead of a team attack.

  • Bikini bottem
  • frycade
  • Town " ninja turtles "

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