Sanjay & Craig is a Playable Character Incuded in an update of Super Brawl 3: Good vs. Evil.

Sanjay & Craig Is a hero in-game.

Sanjay & Craig Series.Edit

Sanjay and Craig is an American animated television series produced by Nickelodeon.[1] The series premiered on May 25, 2013.[2][3]

The show's creators are Jim Dirschberger, Andreas Trolf, and Jay Howell. Howell is also the character designer on Bob's Burgers.[4] Sanjay and Craigis being produced by Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi,[5] the creators of The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

The series follows the antics of the title characters, a 12-year-old Indian American[6] human boy named Sanjay Patel, and his best friend, a talking snake named Craig. On a promotional webpage for the show, the network explains that Sanjay and Craig's suburban hijinks require that "nobody finds out that Craig can talk


Attacks: Sanjay attacks with his hands & Sanjay can also use Craig as a whip to attack.

Special Attack: Snakey Snash

Fan Attack: Arcade Drop