Super Brawl 2

Super Brawl 2

Super Brawl 2
General information
Publishers: Nickelodeon
Genre(s): Fighting
Production information
Company: Nickelodeon
Platform(s): Internet

Super Brawl 2 is an online game on the official website for Nickelodeon. This a sequel to Super Brawl, with new characters, new arenas and new modes.


  • Single Tournament: Defeat five opponents, one-by-one.
  • Arcade: Brawl one-on-one by choosing opponents and the stage.
  • Tag-Team Brawl: Brawl two-on-two with a chosen partner.
  • Survival: Defeat all of the other characters.

Playable CharactersEdit

Images Characters Series Weight Class
SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants Medium
Plankton SpongeBob SquarePants Heavy
Chum Chum Fanboy and Chum Chum Light

Kitty Katswell

T.U.F.F. Puppy Medium
Sheen Estevez Planet Sheen Medium


Monkey Quest Light

Weight Class InformationEdit

  • Light characters are the fastest, but also the weakest and have highest knockback.
  • Medium characters are a middle between heavy and light characters.
  • Heavy characters are the strongest and have lowest knockback, but also the slowest.

Stages Edit

  1. Flying Dutchman's Ship
  2. Krusty Krab
  3. Sandy's Dome
  4. Goo Lagoon
  5. Chum Bucket
  6. Central Park Zoo
  7. Penguin Lair
  8. Jungle
  9. Coney Island Hideout
  10. School
  11. Fanlair
  12. Frosty Mart
  13. Baseball Field
  14. Zeenu
  15. Petropolis
  16. TUFF Headquarters
  17. Fairy World
  18. Amity Park
  19. Farm Road
  20. Wasteland
  21. Pier 31
  22. Forgotten Temple


Each character has a capability of several moves and combos including:

  • Blocking
  • Kicks
  • Punches
  • Jumping attack
  • Super Move
  • Charged Super Move

The super move varies from character to character and when charged completely, a cinematic sequence will play along with a powerful attack.

(Ex. Aang's super move consists of using all four elements in the air while meditating and the charged move performed a massive airbending strike.)


  • Katara, Sokka, and Appa made an appearance in the background of the Wasteland stage, although they are not playable.
  • Aang's uncharged super move is similar to the form he was in when battling Fire Lord Ozai at Wulong Forest.
  • King Julien defeated all the characters and won Jingle Brawl. Dr. Blowhole defeated all characters, and narrowly defeated King Julien, and he won Super Brawl. Patrick won Super Summer Brawl. Sheen won Super Fall Brawl.
  • This game includes several Super Brawl champions.
  • This game features a large crossover of many Nickelodeon T.V. shows.
  • Many Nickeleodeon characters entered the tournament because of the title of Brawl Champion.
  • This game has no clearly defined game champion, although fans assume it was the new SpongeBob.
  • This is the last Brawl game to feature the Nickelodeon characters, as the next Brawl game, Super Brawl 3, replaces the entire existing Super Brawl 2 cast, and has an entirely new cast of Nickelodeon characters as fighters(with the exception of New SpongeBob, Timmy, Aang, and Plankton who all return in the next Brawl game), while also completely replacing Timmy's costume and move set and also replacing Classic SpongeBob with New SpongeBob.
  • Otis has the same single strong attack in super brawl 1.
  • This is the first Brawl game where the Fairy World stage music is an endless loop of the first part of the song.
  • Sheen and Kitty are the only characters in the Intro to have their hands behind their backs.
  • SpongeBob's pose in the intro shows him standing smiling happily with his index finger in the air in a "#1 fashion", this suggests that he most likely is the Brawl champion for this game.
  • Several characters that appear in this game are only present in this game only (Kyle, Dudley, Kitty, Monkey, Skipper, Jimmy, and Chum Chum are the only characters that only appear in just Super Brawl 2 by itself).
  • The time between Super Brawl 2 and Super Brawl 3 had a long hiatus, 2 years, because this game was made prior to Nickelodeon partnering with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise, and with that, they became playable. In addition, Nickelodeon felt that the character roster would be far too large to incorporate the new planned characters, along with the old ones. So, Nickelodeon decided to replace the entire existing Super Brawl 2 cast with a brand new cast of characters, however, some popular characters from the previous Brawl game do return, for example, SpongeBob, Timmy, Aang, and Plankton return, although they have significant appearance changes and different move sets, and also, in the New SpongeBob's case, he replaces.

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